bodies of knowledge

BOK is a place where people can learn from each other. Things one usually does not learn, told by voices that are not always heard, from different parts of society and the world. In BOK we exchange knowledge that feeds a more just and humane society. It is a space to listen, to ask, to connect. BOK welcomes life experts rather than professional authorities.

As a semi-nomadic classroom, BOK stays in the same spot in the city for a few weeks or months, and then moves on again.

Due to the current restrictions we are unfortunately not able to welcome you into our BOK tent. Nevertheless, we remain committed to continue learning, sharing, and listening to and from each other. In light of this, BOK has been reshaped into a new, open-air, learning moment:
BOK à pied!

During BOK à pied you take a walk with someone to whom you can listen, and from whom you can learn. From 13th March to 19th June, each Saturday, “bodies of knowledge” start out from Parc Josaphat in Schaerbeek.

Would you like to learn from them, walking along? You can find the program of the available knowledge here, as well as all the info to make a reservation!

Boyei bolamu - Bienvenue - Welkom - أهلا بك - Bienvenido - Welcome - Bem-vindo - Hoşgeldiniz

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