In the autumn of 2021, BOK will move to the centre of Brussels, from September 18 to December 11.


In addition to the public BOK sessions in the tent or the walks of BOK à pied, a publication about BOK is planned, commissioned by the Expanding Academy (KASKA, Antwerp).


Other specific collaborations exist with BOK partners and new ones will develop in the coming months.


On 18th December 2021, Sarah Vanhee will organize a learning day “Education as the practice of freedom” in Het Bos (Antwerp), in collaboration with the University of Antwerp and ARIA.


In March 2022, Sarah Vanhee will present The Big BOK Multiplication, in collaboration with the Kaaitheater. A performance that looks back on the entire corpus that has been shared within BOK since its inception. (Brussels, BE).


From 2022, the team will also help set up BOK in other European cities and within their specific contexts. As such, “local BOKs” will be set up, BOK will for example be recreated by international partners such as Noorderzon (Groningen, NL) and BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen, NO) in 2022, and by the Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS) and Vooruit and Campo (Ghent) in 2023.