Welkom bij BOK



BOK à pied takes place from 13th March to 19th June, on Saturdays, from Parc Josaphat in Schaerbeek

You can find all the dates and times here.




Participation is free.

You must make a reservation in advance if you wish to walk with a "body of knowledge".

Walks last between 30min and 1 hour.


The walks can be held in French, Dutch, Arabic and English, or in other languages, depending on the "bodies of knowledge". With BOK, we speak the languages of everyday life in Brussels.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to come with your children.

Together we will make BOK a respectful and learning space where everyone can feel at ease and participate in the sessions.


In times of pandemic, we apply the sanitary rules in force.

Your details will be kept for a legally determined period of time and will then be destroyed.



A hexagonal tent was especially built for BOK. In the summer, the sides can be opened, and in the winter the space is heated. It can also be transformed into an urban kiosk, where only the roof and structure remain to create an open-air classroom! 

However, due to the current restrictions we are unfortunately not able to welcome you into our BOK tent. Nevertheless, we remain committed to continue learning, sharing, and listening to and from each other. In light of this, BOK has been reshaped into a new, open-air, learning moment: BOK à pied!

For any other questions or practical information, do not hesitate to contact us directly!


Parc Josaphat

1030 Schaerbeek

13.03 - 03.04