Who's who?

Sarah Vanhee is an artist whose work has been shown locally and internationally for many years. Her indisciplinary projects try to bring radical imagination into reality, moving between civil space and the institutional arts field. She has worked in open fields, private living rooms, theaters, prisons, on public canvases, in meeting rooms, etc., with people of all backgrounds and ages. Sarah initiated BOK as a long-term, local project in an attempt to use civil space as a platform for the exchange of non-dominant, embodied knowledge.  

Flore Herman is a mediator, dramaturg and producer. After having worked for Kunstenfestivaldesarts and with performance artists Anne Thuot and Sara Sampelayo, she continues to be involved in participatory art projects that question the invisibility of certain bodies and knowledges in the Brussels public space. In her work, she likes to see socio-cultural mediation and artistic support as two ways of bringing together actors and life experiences that would not necessarily do so otherwise, and that together could contribute to more social justice.

Nadia Mharzi is a socio-anthropologist by training and passionate about new communication technologies. Engaged in the fight for more social justice, and currently active in a women’s shelter in Brussels, she has worked in the field of participatory democracy and co-directed  "Cadavre exquis", a documentary on the colonial cultural heritage in Belgium.

They are assisted by Sevie Tsampalla as administrative and production managers, Luisa Marc as production assistant and Cillian O'Neill for communication, tent construction and technical support.

The whole BOK-team lives in Brussels, and their stories are intricately linked to the city.

Board of Managing Directors: Audrey Leboutte, Anne Watthee and Eva Wilsens.

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